Marcus Carr

HOMETOWN: LA County. I grew up in Compton, lived in San Pedro for a bit, lived in watts for like 7 years then moved to Lakewood which is right next to Long Beach. Now I live in Mesa, Arizona.

SPONSORS: Blueprint Skateboards, Freedom Boardshop, Orion, AWSM Brand, Alchemy griptape, Bones flow, Pete’s Fish & Chips.

WHEN IM NOT SKATING IM…..With my 3 year old son Maddox, doing some homework, watching skate videos, or harrasing my friends on social media applications

DREAM SESSION: The homies, pretty much a mix of my Az homies and the homies from Long Beach. The big homie David Smith, Greg Crain, Nick Garcia, Billy Davenport, Kevin Cavallo, Phil Martinez, Clyde Aaron, JuJu, the Mcclungs, Jesse Plumb, Brandon Steed, Antwaun, Chris Maalouf, Adam Arunski, the Blatys,Simon Lambey, all the Hammer City homies and i’ve never met Wade Desarmo but he is the best skateboarder. It’d be cool to watch him skate.

FOOD: Chicken, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Water, Bacon, Smoothies.

TUNES: Jeezy, Game, Sabbath, ASAP Rocky, The Delfonics, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Old Lil Wayne, Dipset

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: Dont ever be afraid to tell your friends that you love them. R.I.P Mike Green, R.I.P CJ Ford.

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