Where can I buy Blueprint products?

Blueprint products are available in all good skate shops. For a list of worldwide premium dealers have a little search around our store locator for your local place that carries Blueprint.

How do I get sponsored by Blueprint Skateboards?

This is the by far the most asked question we get here at Blueprint. Well, to get sponsored you firstly have to be very good. For a barometer of just how good is to watch any Blueprint DVD release. Check out all the skaters,  if you like what you see and could see yourself as part of what we have then that is a good start.
Back in the day, the saying was, sponsorship will find you if you are good enough for it and we at Blueprint still believe that. Word of mouth also plays a big part, the best recommendations for future riders actually come from the team themselves, they will know or have seen someone with potential and alerted the rest of the team. So after all this watching our videos over and over and you still think you are the person for the job, then by all means, please let us know about it!
Please send all videos to contact@blueprintskateboards.com

How do I get in contact with Blueprint Skateboards?


tel: 760-967-0552

All information on worldwide distribution can be found on our store locator off of our home page.

You own a skate shop and would like to stock Blueprint products?

If you are interested in stocking Blueprint then please get in touch via email

Where can I buy Blueprint products?

We at Blueprint always recommend your local skate shop first, they can help you out with all you want to know about Blueprint products and a majority of them can be found on our store locator. Other areas to check if you cant get to a computer are magazine mail order ads.

How do I get a Blueprint catalogue to peep the new stuff?

All current Blueprint products are available to view on the website, under the products section.

Many Thanks.

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