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The latest news from Blueprint.

Witness Precision with Ignacio Morata

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The latest from the I Witness series of edits from Blueprint Skateboards featuring Professional Ignacio Morata

New Josh Love video edit

Just released,  a new video edit of Josh Love.  Josh’s has been working hard on this video part and it turned out really good . Enjoy! http://youtu.be/wI2pl12Z9Zw

Marcus Carr welcome to the team edit

Marcus keeps it short and sweet in this welcome to the team edit. Keep posted for a full part coming from Marcus this summer. Stoked to have you a part of the Family.

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Ignacio Morata welome part

Ignacio Morata welcome/pro model release video part…is that good!  #skatelife http://youtu.be/fGzTuQ83tmI

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Persist Perpetuate Prevail

Every now and then you have to start again from scratch for lots of different reasons. This presents new opportunities, which might not have been evident previously. Blueprint is lucky to have been given this chance for a fresh start.

Thanks to the dedicated skaters from the Blueprint team that brought Blueprint where it is today.

Time to rebuild and give new skaters the opportunity to help shape and draft a new Blueprint for 2013.

Dark Days in December…….never stopped us before…..

New Team manager / Brand manager

Blueprint welcomes new Team manager and Brand manager, Jake Stewart. Jake is also the brand manager of Orion trucks . He was a successful professional street skater in the late 90′s for Platinum, RDS, Duffs and Media. Jake has alot of experience and has a vast network within the skateboard community. New updates will be announced.

Jake Stewart cover SBC magazine May 2009 – photo : Pommier

Shier parts ways with Blueprint

Paul Shier has announced his departure from long-term sponsor Blueprint Skateboards. Shier also performed team manager duties in recent years. Paul Shier has been a tremendous contribution for Blueprint skateboards

We respect his decision and hope him the best. thanks Paul

New decks : Make your Mark / Rain or Shine

we just drop some new decks last week. Custom top graphics per model for the Mark you Mark Series.

A Showdown in Amsterdam

Coming up next month will be the 4th annual Downtown Showdown event by Vans in Amsterdam. It is for sure going to be a funny time. Roll by and roll up. Neil Smith, Tom Knox, Nick Jensen and Sylvain Tognelli will all be out there. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for all info https://www.facebook.com/events/362135380518657/


We will be dropping our new series of boards and wheels ‘Big Smoke’ over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to hassle your new store for a freshy and also check out our wheels that are on our new and improved Blurethane shape and urethane. Go get some!