Over the years we have all had our up and downs. This section is dedicated to the people and shops that have always been there for us through the thick and thin. I present to you the Advocates.

1. What’s your name, where are you at and when did you open? Casino, we have been in Leicester city centre since 1997.

2. What’s behind the name ‘Casino’? The film Casino by Martin Scorsese is the 100% reason behind the shop name. BAD MAN FILM!!

3. Leicester’s biggest claim to fame? Gary Lineker and Walkers crisps

4. Worst ting you have ever sold in the shop? Ollie pops! haha! Skate chewing gum that we got talked into selling for like a month.

5. Most famous person to ever come through the gates of Casino? We have had Huey, Fast and Frank in from the Fun Lovin Criminals, Tom from Kasabian and Ben Challenger through the gates to spend some of their celebrity dosh.

6. Most annoying aspect of running a skate shop? I think the most annoying thing for me is kids wanting to get sponsored. I always come across as the bad guy when i have to turn kids down or tell them to do it for fun an sponsorship will come and find you when your ready.

7. Most favourite part of running a skate shop? Gotta be new product! I’m still a little grom at heart, still love checking everything out as soon as it comes in. Nothing better than getting a cuppa tea and sticking a new DVD on. God we work hard! haha!

8. Most favourite part of the new Blueprint video and why? Its Coakley an Brady for me. Both epic parts with scary awkard lines that i’m sure are a 100 times harder to skate when you get there. They make it look easy. I gotta say nobody let me down in the whole DVD. Super proud of the older crew like Shier, Kennedy and Baines being able to still put out such good length banging parts.

9. Funniest thing to ever happen instore? I’m terrible at remembering funny stuff but the one thing that comes to mind is when a bunch of girls came in with a film crew. They were part of some show where they had to blag clothes and stuff from people in shops, then go out that night in whatever they managed to be given. We told the hot one she could have some of our CASINO underpants if she would sport them for in the shop with just a dice sticker covering each nipple, AND SHE DID! hahaha (pic attached)

10. Local hero of Leicester? Engelbert Humperdinck and what a bloody name! haha!

When and why did Focus open its doors to the world? 2001 in the fair city of Auld Reekie aka Edinburgh. After Players closed we spotted a gap for a skate store in Edinburgh, then the same happened in Glasgow in 2005 when MBC closed. And the rest as they say is history.

Why the name Focus? We thought it would be a great idea to name ourselves after a DIY chain, so that we could get regular calls for wallpaper, heated towel rails and grout. That and we wanted the store to be a focal point for the skate scene.

Most famous person to walk through your doors?
Edinburgh – Susan Sarandon or Spud from Trainspotting.
Glasgow – Coolio or McFly

Most annoying shop lurker?
Edinburgh – Miles
Glasgow- Campeazi

Best place for fried pizza, salt and sauce?
Edinburgh – There’s a chippy just down the road that does deep fired Mars Bars and in the summertime we’re constantly directing American tourists to it. However for Salt ‘N’ Sauce goodness I’d head for the Gorgie Fish Bar on Gorgie Road. But, if you want some real deep fried cuisine the Glaswegians are the people to talk to.

Glasgow- The Philadelphia chip shop for a proper pizza and Mackey’s favourite, the roll & potato fritter. But if you really want to do it like the locals, ask for a munchie box or if you’re feeling suicidal ask for a Stauner.

Differences between the Glasgow and Edinburgh scene?
Edinburgh – Small beanies, Vans Eras, skinny fit jeans, and Fixed Gear Bikes.
Glasgow – A bit more stuck in the 90s or something. People will still buy DGK boards and New Eras here, and people seem to love going a size up in clothing. Edinburgh’s skaters are hipster crazy.

Craziest thing to see at Livi? Jimmy Boyes.

Funniest Colin Kennedy story? New Years eve 2005. That was one drunk Scotsman.

Focus team riders? An ever expanding and contracting list of riders but currently – Colin Kennedy, John Rattray, Benson, Div Adam, Mark Burrows, Bobby Baillie, Danny Jack, Paul the Chav, Daniel Nicholas, Brandon Ide, Beans and Adam Paris.

Most expensive item in the store? Pair of Tiffany Dunks. £150 to you guvnor.

Where do you get your favourite night time tipple?
Edinburgh – Peckhams.
Glasgow – Skaters favourite at the moment is Nice N Sleazys, but anywhere that sells Havana rum will do.

How do I buy a board or shirt if all I have is a computer, a phone and am afraid to go outside? or 0131 629 9196 on the East coast, 0141 248 2446 on the West Coast.


What’s behind the name? Brainstorming ideas in the early nineties with the full crew. Imagine it was hiero related really. There were plenty of other ideas but that one stood out.

Best ever selling item ever in the shop? Shop T’s are the all time best seller but thats the same as every shop right? All time best selling brands Blueprint (obviously) Spitfire and Independent.

Person you dread walking through the door on a daily basis? There are any number of strung out heroin addicts around these parts. Plenty of stories that I cant go into online.

Stockton on Tees claim to fame?

It apparently has the widest high street in the U.K.

Matches were invented here (we have a roundabout with a giant match to remind us of this).

Biggest claim to fame though, it was the site of the first railway line which ran between Stockton and Darlington.

Lunch time order at Nandos Chicken? Never a lunch time order. Once a week after work minimum though.

Shop lunch is the Bayleaf cafe straight across from the shop, we get local hook up prices. Every traveling skater in the U.K has had a full english breakfast in there at one point.

Video that is playing in the shop right now? Newest Thrasher video. The Cons one that came with the latest mag. Before that it was Vicious Cycle and recently the Girl and Lakai boxsets got a good bit of screen time too. Classics.

Local pub and why? Coffee is the shop poison over beer these days but generally the after Nandos haunt is the Southfield in Boro, good smoking area for people watching too

Best Scott Palmer story? So many of the usual ones “oh ill just grip this board” type of ones but they are to be expected, you cant rush Palmer. The best one was when Scott got drunk on the Lost and found premier tour and kept telling us all up here we were southern because we had ipods in 2004. The direct quote was “you have too many white gadgets to be a real Northerner” amazing! Or last time i went out filming with him and he had borrowed his sister in laws car and crashed it in a supermarket car park whilst reversing and eating quiche at the same time. That could only happen to him. Nothing but love for Scott though, politest guy ever and a personal favourite skate wise too.

If I can’t get to your shop can I buy from you online? Where?

Also follow us on twitter @MISCHIEFstore and you can become a fan on Facebook just search Mischief skate store.


When did you open and where did the name come from? We opened Bored tail end of October 1997 and the name was simply a little play on words, nothing too deep!

Best skater employee? Toby Taylor, some people may say the wrong side of thirty for a skater but still we put our chips on him every time.

Who is on your shop team? Jak Tonge, Adam Keys, Dom Powling and Mr Kevin Kirkham… Shop B team, Thomas McCaughan, Toby Taylor and Gary Scott.

Randomest item you have ever sold in the shop? We produced a limited line of deck chairs for last summer.

Most famous person to ever come through your doors? We’ve had a few through the door over the years but Charlie from Busted was our favourite, ha ha!

Lunch spot? The Fat Fox for banging spuds or the kingfisher chippy If you wanna get your grease on…

Where does one go after a long day of retail? The Little Johnny Russels pub for a cold drink.

Most epicness you have ever seen at Southsea skate park, who, when and what? The park’s been there over thirty years now and there’s been a lot of radness over those decades that’s for sure… One skate day Danny Wainwright smith ground the roller rink hand rail from the flat ground. Pretty much any other skater would have needed a kicker to get themselves up onto that bar, that was one thing that stood out..Ben Ramers has recently just visited Southsea and hammered out some amazing shit in Satan’s toilet too, excuse the pun.

What to you is Southsea best known for? Southsea skate park, Gary Lee and Zorlac skateboards, ha!

How can anyone not close to Southsea find out more about you? The best thing to do is to visit our website or our Blog, we try our best to keep people in the loop with what’s going on in our neck of the woods there.


Shop name, when you opened and why? The shop is called NOTE, we opened in 1999 and we did it because no one else was doing it.

Address? G1 Smithfield Building, 34 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LA, England.

Strangest company to call you to stock their product? Fizzy pop and energy drinks. Weird little sales reps.

Most watched video in the last week? Overground Broadcasting

Funniest thing to happen in the store?The Workers and Lurkers premiere. We seriously underestimated the attendance. Things got rowdy, one guy pissed himself, another fell off the handrail in to the basement, someone lost all their clothes, I had to pull the fire alarm off the wall to shut it up and we broke the roller shutters. Chaotic but funny.

Who is the local lurker who annoys you but the store wouldn’t be the same without them? Damo the cheeky little scav. Always coming in to use our phone and toilet and leaving with whatever bits of used product is lying around. I swear he’s never bought a single thing from NOTE but we’ll let him off because he’s a living legend.

Favourite Lunch spot? This and That Indian café. Manchester’s best kept secret.

Who’s on the shop team? Tony Da Silva, Ben Grove, Joe Gavin, Mike Mathews, Kevin Eley, Matthew Nevitt, John Bell, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, Mike Wright and Jethro Coldwell.

Favorite video of 2009? Bee Sides.

What are you looking forward to in 2010? Pusherman, MFWTCB and the NOTE Olympics 2010.


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