Monthly Archives: March 2011

On the road again.

A couple of weeks ago Kevin Coakley, Jon Nguyen, Marty Murawski and Myself went off on an adventure to see our friends out in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Many people wondered why we were going to such places in the middle of the Winter time but we were not thinking about the ‘why ‘ but instead more of the ‘why not’.

Below is a video and some photos brought to you by Alex Pelletier of what we got up to over the time we were out there. As you can imagine the street skating was to a minimum due to conditions of cold rain and snow and everything we did get you will all see in due time anyway.

I would like to thank everyone out there who made the road a little smoother for us. Tedd Cookerly and Andy for killing it, Skate Naked Skatepark, amazing kids of Ohio and Bethlehem, Wally at Old Skool, the boys of Embassy, Gary at Galaxie, Ollies skatepark in Kentucky, Cincinnati Projects, Patrick at Megapolis, Justin at Evolution, Budget inn, Dan Charlton, Taylor Nawrocki, all the mates at Homebase and Alex Pelletier’s constant humor, positivity and for putting together the memories.  Lets do it all again.

Nick Jensen Grey ad

We are stoked to be a part of Henry Kingsfords Magazine Grey. Check out Jensens first ad which is featured in issue number 04 that just dropped.

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