Monthly Archives: November 2010

3rd and Final

Edit from our tour earlier this year is now up. This one finds us in Liverpool, Manchester and stuck in London from the volcano

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Cafe Con Leche

my 5 days with the boys in Barcelona.


Silver Chicken tows the line.

Check out Sylvain over at Kingpin Magazine as he caresses the streets of Berlin with his Blueprint wood and urethane.

Part 2 is up

Part 2 of the Blueprint tour from earlier this year is up over at Mpora.

More Skateboarding Videos

Xmas jam

Crossfire are putting on their yearly Xmas jam on the 11th of December this year over at Bay66 in London.  Make sure you get down there to see some of the boys and win yourself some Blueprint gear.

Brady’s new Matix ad

Just dropped in the new Kingpin. Check it here.

Knox over at Grey

Get over to Grey magazines site for Tom Knox’s 3 favourite skate tubes.

Make Friends Premiere Tour : Black Glove.

The first part of our latest Black Glove series is up now at Mpora.

Filmed & Edited by Mark Nickels, we’ll be posting the complete piece as a download once all 3 streaming parts have run.

New Rat Signal from Slam

Slam City skates just put up yet another Rat Signal filmed by the ever busy Henry E Woods. Check it out below. Some familiar faces being featured.

P.S Cheers to Marcel for the Nando hook up today.