Mackey and his New York

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Mackey talks it up about one of his most favourite places on the map.

1. First trip to New York City, when and why?

It was in 1997, to stay with my cousin. All my favorite skaters at the time where from New York or had footage there and I had been inspired by hip hop and East coast skateboarding for years and knew I always wanted to go there and soak up that atmosphere. Having my cousin living in Queens made it easier for me to go for a few months, so i worked a shitty job , saved for a year and just said fuck it i’m going. It was 2 dollars to the pound at the time so I was living like a king….

2. Favorite aspect of New York City?

The whole city is one big skatepark, there really are an infinite amount of spots and new ones pop up everyday . You get virtually no hassle from the police even when skating 10 deep the wrong way up a road in rush hour traffic,”nobody skates like the skaters in New York” hahaha!

Photo – Sleepy

3. The skater that comes to mind most when thinking of New York City?

There is one photo that always comes to mind when I think of new york, that photo of Peter Bici backside ollie over an electrical box under the World Trade Center, so sick!!!! i think Huf ollies it frontside as well. Huf is definately one skater that always comes to mind when you think of New York skaters. Jeff Pang, the old Zoo crew, Steve rodriguez, Dan Pensyl, Gino , Keenan , the Keefes, Rodney Torres, Supa. Ryan Hickey was always a favorite and Quim Cardona ,style for miles.

4. Funniest experience on all your travels to New York City?

Myself and Ian Reid once took the train out to a demo in upstate New York. I think it might have been a Firm skateboards demo, just a small demo in the carpark outside a skateshop. Anyway, it took us all day to get there that by the time we arrived the demo had finished and it was dark. We just sat there in the carpark, next thing a hearse funeral car pulled up next to us, it was just a normal black funeral car but it was filled with hundreds of stuffed toys, what the fuck!!. it turns out the driver knew Ian , I think he may have been the owner of a small skateboard company called bodega but he offers to give us a lift back to Ians in Brooklyn. We all climb into the back, where a coffin would usually sit, the car is filled with various New York skaters all half buried in cuddley toys. It took us a few hours to get back to the city and everyone was drinking 40 ounces and smoking weed and everyone was wasted. There were people pissing in bottles, hanging out of windows screaming at passers by, we must have looked as if we’d escaped from the loony bin. Ian lives deep in the hood so we where driving round all these sketchy neighborhoods completely lost, dudes where shouting at us coming up to the car banging on the roof telling us to get out cos they were gonna fuck us up, it was fucking scary, we had to run red lights and this car only went about 20mph hahaha good times!!!!!!!

5. Tell us about your fascination of camo?

Its not really a fascination its more of a liking for good looking camo not that wack red ,black and orange ” oh! i’m on fire” camo. I’ve always loved camo. From a kid playing army I always wanted to have the good looking camo, always in war films the Germans had the ill looking panzer tanks with the woodland camo, or the snow troops with the dope outfits. I just thought that the British camo was looks like cheap action man camo , like a fancy dress outfit. This is why when i’m out in the States I always look for some good hunting camo, or the ripstop US camo. I actually designed a camo for east skateboards that was featured in the Maharisi book of camo, and obviously camo is hip hop as fuck “word to my camouflage large niggas“…..

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