Monthly Archives: May 2010

One of my favorites.

It is always a pleasure to see a little Ricky Oyola. 30 seconds of pure gold right here.

Traffic Report 5/25/2010 from Traffic Skateboards on Vimeo.

Review in Crossfire

A stellar review about Make Friends over at the Crossfire this Monday. Check it right HERE. Cheers mates.

Kevin Lowry

Blueprint’s very secret weapon came from Canada to visit Berlin in 10 days with his buddies from Adidas. We talked about Dustin Montie, Grant Patterson and all kind of XXXXXL clichés i had of Canada. I even learned that Calgary is not the canadian name for Vancouver. See you soon Kevin !

Colin and me.

This is pretty amazing I have to say. Magee with yet another good music choice.

YouTube Preview Image

For our German speaking friends.

I received an email this morning from our friends over at 24/7 distribution in Germany. Here is a little video their friends put out talking about Blueprint and a few other brands. If you can understand what he is saying send me an email as I have no idea.

YouTube Preview Image


Our mate Max Bygraves sings it for you.

YouTube Preview Image

Another one gets it.

Just got this photo from Phil in Germany today, seems like the spray heart is here to stay.

Long Beach tomorrow

If you find yourself in the Long Beach area tomorrow be sure to come down to the Red Room and check out MFWTCB. See you there. 21+ only.

Blind motivation

“Oh-there-is-water-fuck-it-now-we-are-here-let’s-skate-it” fail

The sounds of the MFWTCB tour.

Nickels Tour Interview

Smith Tour Interview

R Kelly