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Blueprint in Columbus, Ohio.

Here is a snippet from a little demo we did a while ago in Columbus.

YouTube Preview Image

Remember, remember.

There’s a brief reminder of this weekend’s proceedings, courtesy of Tackyworld.


I forgot to post this last week amongst the chaos that was going on but here is a little interview of Marty from when we were out in Ohio a few weeks back.

Brady is Kingpin

For anyone who has not been fortunate to see Brady’s interview in the new Kingpin you can check it out over on his team page. Good job mate.



The other day in Berlin we found this concrete fingerboard skatepark in the middle of nowhere. Tired of books and kitchen tables ? Build your own burnside and get some dust on your fingers !


Unless your head has been buried in sand for the past couple of months you will be aware that we are holding the premiere for MFWTCB on the evening of the 4th April at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Square. Tickets have all sold out for the first showing and the 2nd showing is now full to the brim too.

I however did not want to talk about that today, on my mind was the jam that we are going to be getting going at Southbank. This is going to be starting at midday and if you see the picture I have posted below and like what you see then get down there. Oh yes! It is time for the wonderful longest ollie competition. This will be an unsponsored event and will feature prizes and giveaways from Blueprint and our mates over at DVS and Matix. I am thinking Longest ollie comp followed by a best trick comp . Anyone game?

Advocates FOCUS

Today we have a new Advocate on the site. Today we welcome FOCUS to our pages. With a mixture of answers about their Glasgow and Edinburgh stores I think you will be happily entertained. Enjoy.

For Smithy

Smithy sent me this you tube clip and asked me to put it up.

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Build and Destroy

While I was writing up a Blueprint timeline to be released soon in print I came across this old gem from 1998. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image